Your Body, Your Yoga: Learn Alignment Cues That Are Skillful, Safe, and Best Suited To You by Bernie Clark

Your Body, Your Yoga: Learn Alignment Cues That Are Skillful, Safe, and Best Suited To You

Book title : Your Body, Your Yoga: Learn Alignment Cues That Are Skillful, Safe, and Best Suited To You
By : Bernie Clark
Category : Books,Guidebooks,Health & Medicine
Wordcount : 193
Rating : 4.8
Publisher : Wild Strawberry Productions; 1st edition (12 April 2016)
Language : English
Paperback : 325 pages
isbn13 : 978-0968766538
Dimensions : 22.23 x 1.91 x 29.21 cm
Best seller rank : 237,240 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) 142 in General Gymnastics 806 in Fitness through Yoga 946 in Yoga Lifestyle
Salesrank : 237240

Your Body, Your Yoga goes beyond any prior yoga anatomy book available. It looks not only at the body’s unique anatomical structures and what this means to everyone’s individual range of motion, but also examines the physiological sources of restrictions to movement. Two volumes are provided in this book: Volume 1 raises a new mantra to be used in every yoga posture: What Stops Me? The answers presented run through a spectrum, beginning with a variety of tensile resistance to three kinds of compressive resistance. Examined is the nature of muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, bones and our extracellular matrix and their contribution to mobility. The shape of these structures also defines our individual, ultimate range of movement, which means that not every body can do every yoga posture. The reader will discover where his or her limits lie, which dictates which alignment cues will work best, and which ones should be abandoned. Volume 2 will take these principles and apply them to the lower body, examining the hip joint, the knee, ankle and foot, and will present how your unique variations in these joints will show up in your yoga practice.

An awesome book about the uniqueness of each body and the yoga practice that can be done respecting each body with its own particular features!Very important for regular practitioners and teachers to understand more what is a good yoga practice ( not just looks good)and also safe for your own body!

I recommend this book for everyone who wants to have better alignment in Asanas. It helps me a lot.

Great Book to work with as a Yoga teacher . . . . . . . . . . .

This book will revolutionize the way of practicing and teaching yoga, it is for sure going to be the next yoga bible by Bernie Clark! It is an incredible treasure and it will help everybody to truly understand the essence of yoga and break down any dogmatic approach which practitioners or teachers might have about it. Reading this masterpiece felt to me like being able to enjoy a teacher training with the outstanding teachers Paul Grilley and Bernie Clark as well as other wonderful guest teachers such as Robert Schleip, Gil Hedley or Tom Myers which are offering new insights. I bow in deep gratitude to all of them for sharing their knowledge and wisdom with us.

if you are a yoga teacher or if you interested in the body, movement or yoga itself.It is a more study type of book. But dont be turned off of that, because it breaks every information down, very easy and understandable. Highly recommend.also for deepening your own practise and also get new ways to see thinks for others, to help guieding them better.

The best and most important book out there on yoga anatomy. Should be a must for any yoga teacher. Intensely well researched, Bernie Clark has a way of explaining the matter in the most accessible way. Big fan! Also very recommended: Your Spine Your Yoga. 5 stars!!

A masterpiece! A must-have for yoga teachers, as well as for all yoga lovers.A revolution which helps us to understand that every body is unique.I will be recommending this book to everyone!

This book is such a gift to all Yoga practitioners in general but it should truly be made mandatory reading for all Yoga teachers. The human body is so incredibly unique and despite the routine yoga class mantras to be patient and slowly adjust to the process – which is absolutely true of course – many students would immensely benefit from knowing that some postures may physically/anatomically not be possible for them and that it’s not due to their lack of dedication or practice. Reading it could help Yoga teachers to stop conveying the idea that with time and training „you will get there“. You may not and that‘s totally ok. Verbalising this as a teacher is one thing, and quite yet another to cherish and 100% endorse this with your teaching. Now any great Yoga teacher does this, but they are too few, and all the others would get to this state much quicker by reading this book.„Your Body Your Yoga“ leads you to this insight in the most loving, compassionate and understanding way, with extremely detailed, sometimes jaw-dropping knowledge. If you are a Guru-prone yogini or yogi this might in fact be a book of true self-empowerment, which never hurts. And it never loses sight of the ultimate goal: to practice Yoga to your own maximum benefit only.

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