Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body by Tami Lynn Kent

Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body

Book title : Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body
By : Tami Lynn Kent
Category : Books,Guidebooks,Health & Medicine
Wordcount : 297
Rating : 4.6
Publisher : Beyond Words (22 Feb. 2011)
Language : English
Paperback : 400 pages
isbn13 : 978-1582702841
Dimensions : 13.97 x 3.81 x 21.43 cm
Best seller rank : 318,256 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) 1,319 in Healer & Spiritual Healing 3,856 in Energy & Cosmos 4,510 in Women’s Health Guides
Salesrank : 318256

Wild Feminine invites every woman to journey deep into the heart of her female body, to her root place, and the center of all womanhood. Through stories, visualizations, and creative exercises, the wisdom arising from the female body has been distilled as never before into this guide to nurturing, healing, and exploring the feminine nature.Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit, & Joy in the Female Body offers a unique, holistic approach to reclaiming the power, spirit, and joy of the female body and to understanding its connection to creative energy flow. By restoring physical and energetic balance in the pelvic bowl, women can learn to care for themselves in a nourishing and respectful manner, heal spiritual fractures, and renew their relationship with the sacred feminine. Although the feminine body is an access point to the greater realm of the spirit, many women have lost their connection to this source. Author Tami Kent, MSPT, has an answer. Drawing from her experiences as a woman’s health physical therapist who works with the physical body and female energy system, Kent provides a framework for healing the body and navigating the realms of feminine spirit. Through pelvic bodywork, healing stories, visualizations, rituals, and creative exercises, women can explore the deep and natural wisdom inherent in the female body. Wild Feminine reveals the amazing potential of the female body: the potential to create, to heal, and to transform the energy of a woman’s everyday life. Journey deep into the heart of your body. Travel the terrain of feminine wounds. Go to your root place, the center of all womanhood and radically shift your relationship with your body and spirit. Wild Feminine gives you the tools to awaken and retrieve your ancient wild self, restore your creative energy, and reconnect to your sacred center.

Ein zutiefst inspirierendes Buch, was frau hilft an ihre wahren, leider oft blockierten Kräfte heranzukommen. Der Vorteil dieses Buches ist, dass Tami Lynn Kent nicht nur theoretisches Wissen vermittelt, was sie in jahrelanger Praxisarbeit mit Frauen erarbeitet hat. Sondern auch durch praktische Übungshilfen und Meditationsanleitungen dafür sorgt, dass jede Frau wieder in der Lage ist, die kreative Kraft im Zentrum ihres Körpers zu spüren, die sie wild, unabhängig und wunderschön macht.

Tami Lynn Kent’s book is the first book I have read that directly addresses how to harness feminine creative energy. It goes beyond clichés and stereotypes and connects the reader with her power. As I read Kent’s personal stories and her case studies with clients, I gained a greater sense of clarity concerning the various expressions of the feminine. Throughout the book, the reader learns self healing meditations to strengthen the womb in connection with, for example, birth, miscarriage, menopause and cycle difficulties.

Ein sehr empfehlenswertes Buch für Frauen, die beim Erforschen der Arbeit mit dem Beckenboden/ zweiten Chakra/ Psoas, tiefer gehen wollen. Hat mich in jedem Fall einen großen Schritt weitergebracht.

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