Wheat Belly: The Effortless Health and Weight-Loss Solution – No Exercise, No Calorie Counting, No Denial by William MD Davis

Wheat Belly: The Effortless Health and Weight-Loss Solution - No Exercise, No Calorie Counting, No Denial

Book title : Wheat Belly: The Effortless Health and Weight-Loss Solution – No Exercise, No Calorie Counting, No Denial
By : William MD Davis
Category : Books,Guidebooks,Nutrition
Wordcount : 217
Rating : 4.4
Publisher : Harper Thorsons (1 Jan. 2015)
Language : English
Paperback : 304 pages
isbn13 : 978-0008118921
Dimensions : 22.86 x 1.93 x 15.24 cm
Best seller rank : 86,191 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) 329 in General Knowledge Nutrition 527 in General Health & Medicine Guide (Books) 667 in Weightloss Diets
Salesrank : 86191

Renowned cardiologist William Davis explains how eliminating wheat from our diets can prevent fat storage, shrink unsightly bulges and reverse myriad health problems.Every day we eat food products made of wheat. As a result millions of people experience some form of adverse health effect, ranging from minor rashes and high blood sugar to the unattractive stomach bulges that preventative cardiologist William Davis calls ‘wheat bellies’. According to Davis, that fat has nothing to do with gluttony, sloth or too much butter: it’s down to the whole grain food products so many people eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.After witnessing over 2,000 patients regain their health after giving up wheat, Davis reached the disturbing conclusion that wheat is the single largest contributor to the nationwide obesity epidemic – and its elimination is key to dramatic weight loss and optimal health.In Wheat Belly Davis exposes the harmful effects of what is actually a product of genetic tinkering being sold to the public as ‘wheat’ and provides readers with a user-friendly, step-by-step plan to navigate a new, wheat-free lifestyle. Benefits include: substantial weight loss, correction of cholesterol abnormalities, relief from arthritis, mood benefits and prevention of heart disease.Informed by cutting-edge science and nutrition, and numerous case studies, Wheat Belly is an illuminating look at what is truly making us sick.

In this book you get a lot of sciency explanations for why wheat is bad. That’s important, and while I see myself as kind of a nerd, I skipped some of the pages or just briefly browsed through because it was so theoretical.The rest of the book, where the author explains the consequences of wheat consumation in more of a layman’s words, is quite good, and it takes away the fear of “oh my god I can’t eat anything at all anymore because everything is so bad for my health”.After I’ve read the book I cut out wheat and I’ve already lost 3 lbs in ten days without being hungry or excessive workout.

Habe das Buch mehrfach gelesen, mehrfach bestellt und weitergeschenkt.Ist verständlich geschrieben, auch wenn’s wissenschaftlich ist, so dass es auch Laien verstehen.Manche Teile muss man naturgemäss wiederholt anschauen bis man sie begreift, das liegt in der Natur der Sache die er beschreibt.Literaturverweise und Begründungen sind reichlich vorhanden.

the book offers , behind some exageration, some very good eating principles and helps creating good eating habits.the audio book is also great.

William Davis Werk ist kontrovers diskutiert. Die Gründe für die Kontroversen sind meiner Meinung nach viel weniger biologischer wie politischer Natur, aus diesem Grund habe ich mich nicht groß daran gestoßen.Dieses Buch finde ich empfehlenswert für alle Menschen, die mit ihrem Übergewicht kämpfen und die Leier “Iss weniger, beweg Dich mehr” nicht mehr hören können. Das Buch heißt auf Deutsch “Weizenwampe” – also man muss nicht unbedingt das Englische lesen, wenn man nicht mag.

What an eye-opening book. I guess we don’t really have a clue what we have been putting into our bodies.I like that the author backs up every fact with the corresponding scientific study. He clearly has done a lot of research on this subject.I even bought a copy for my mom and recommend it every time I get a chance, provided I find people who are actually open-minded enough to listen.I can only recommend that you read this book. Your body will thank you, as mine is already doing.

Would give no stars if possible. I wanted to inform me about gluten sensitivity, but actually the author look promotes a dangerous unhealthy Akins diet. Total waste of money and totally against science. Carbohydrates are the fuel of humanity, from our ancestors in the jungle (fruit) to high civilisations (grains). The problem are not carbohydrates but highly processed foods and too much animal source based foods (empty calories.

very useful and opening eyes for many things. will change vision of the life in food intake. change health to better side

super!!!!! endlich eine sache das sinn macht und wirklich funktionert! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bekannten und Freunde sind genouso begeistert!!!!!! Kann wirklich rühig weiter geben!!

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