The Carnivore Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Success on the Carnivore Diet With over 100 Recipes, Meal Plans, and Science by Maria Emmerich

The Carnivore Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Success on the Carnivore Diet With over 100 Recipes, Meal Plans, and Science

Book title : The Carnivore Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Success on the Carnivore Diet With over 100 Recipes, Meal Plans, and Science
By : Maria Emmerich
Category : Books,Textbooks & Study Guides,Medicine & Health Sciences
Wordcount : 264
Rating : 4.7
Publisher : Victory Belt Publishing; Illustrated edition (7 Jan. 2020)
Language : English
Paperback : 336 pages
isbn13 : 978-1628603941
Dimensions : 20.47 x 2.03 x 25.4 cm
Best seller rank : 246,989 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) 361 in Public Health Administration 404 in Preventive Medicine 405 in Barbecues
Salesrank : 246989

Keto meets carnivore in this revolutionary new book by revered cookbook author and low-carb pioneer Maria Emmerich. Did you know that our ancestors were apex predators who were even more carnivorous than hyenas and big cats? That was only about 30,000 years ago. But since then, our diets have drastically changed due to the invention of agriculture about 7,000 years ago and, within the last 100 years or so, the introduction of millions of food additives, the development of a year-round produce supply, and the hybridization of fruits and vegetables, making them higher in sugar and lower in nutrients. Carnivore Cookbook explores what our bodies were really designed to digest and gives compelling evidence that we were designed to be primarily meat-eaters. In this book, you will learn why all plants come with a downside. Antinutrients are chemicals and compounds that act as natural pesticides or defenses for the plants against being eaten. Maria explains how antinutrients can rob your body of minerals and other nutrients and lead to autoimmune issues and leaky gut. There is even a protocol for healing autoimmune issues called the Carnivore Autoimmune Protocol: a detailed system for stepping you through the various levels of carnivorous eating to find the point where your body responds best and is symptom free. You will also learn which foods are the highest in nutrient density to help your body heal. Carnivore Cookbook includes more than 100 tasty meat-focused recipes featuring innovative ways to add flavor and variety. There are even carnivore meal plans with grocery lists to make the diet easy to follow.

Tolles Buch, tolle Rezepte!

Das Buch gefällt mir. Man muss schon etwas mehr Ressourcen anschauen um die Carnivore Welt zu verstehen, es ist aber ein guter Start. Die Rezepten sind interessant, obwohl ich persönlich nicht viele davon verwenden würde. Circa 2/3 des Inhalts sind die Koch Rezepten. Ich hätte mir mehr Wissenschaftliches / Inhalt gewünscht, deswegen 1 Stern weniger.

Finally, Maria and Craig Emmerich’s book “The Carnivore Cookbook” was in the mail. I have listened to both Maria and Craig on various podcasts; they are extremely knowledgeable and have a true desire to help others succeed on their journey to wellbeing.In their carnivore cookbook, they guide the reader through the science behind a meat-based diet and illustrate the advantages and health benefits of an animal-based lifestyle. From the gut microbiome to the nutrient density of meat and the importance of protein (the Emmerichs are experts on protein which has helped me personally a great deal). Everything is laid out in layman’s terms for the reader to get the most out of this book.Last but not least; there are delicious recipes, weekly meal plans and shopping lists. With this book, you will succeed with the carnivore diet. I’m so looking forward to diving right into my animal-based lifestyle. Thank you Maria and Craig!

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