Self-care: A dynamic approach to integral health by Fernanda Cabral Schveitzer,Mariana Cabral Schveitzer

Self-care: A dynamic approach to integral health

Book title : Self-care: A dynamic approach to integral health
By : Fernanda Cabral Schveitzer,Mariana Cabral Schveitzer
Category : Books,Guidebooks,Health & Medicine
Wordcount : 195
Rating : 0
Publisher : Epígrafe (13 April 2022)
Language : English
Paperback : 282 pages
isbn13 : 978-6587816197
Dimensions : 15.24 x 1.63 x 22.86 cm
Best seller rank : 996,935 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) 25,127 in Fitness & Exercise 53,828 in New Age (Books) 484,815 in Foreign Language Books
Salesrank : 996935

Self-care is a dynamic and continuous cycle of self-knowledge. Caring for oneself is a complex process influenced by the culture and health model with which each person identifies. Consequently, care is also influenced by the perception of what resources are available to promote health and well-being.In this book, you will find references to deepen your knowledge in health and care, through approaches found in Western health, integrative and complementary therapies and consciential health, thereby broadening your understanding of the elements that make up this dynamic process, which that favor self-research and self-awareness.The authors present the FEMA method, an innovative proposal developed over a decade of research and experience in integral health, to organize self-care in four stages: Find-Embrace-Move-Again. In this method, you will be invited to connect with your own needs and desires, embrace personal demands and discomforts, mobilize the necessary resources to achieve a new benchmark of well-being, and then start a new cycle of self-care whenever necessary.The intention is that, while reading this book, you will refine your understanding of self-care, and apply the method on a day-to-day basis to benefit your own well-being and those with whom you live or assist professionally.

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