Power Tools for Health: How pulsed magnetic fields (PEMFs) help you by William Pawluk MD MSc

Power Tools for Health: How pulsed magnetic fields (PEMFs) help you

Book title : Power Tools for Health: How pulsed magnetic fields (PEMFs) help you
By : William Pawluk MD MSc
Category : Books,Guidebooks,Health & Medicine
Wordcount : 314
Rating : 4.5
Publisher : FriesenPress (29 Nov. 2017)
Language : English
Paperback : 312 pages
isbn13 : 978-1525507632
Dimensions : 17.78 x 1.78 x 24.89 cm
Best seller rank : 849,168 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) 904 in Pain & Treatments 5,274 in Energy & Healing 9,363 in Fitness Training
Salesrank : 849168

Power tools revolutionized the building of your family home.Now they will revolutionize your health.Power Tools for Health will teach you to how to apply PEMFs to your life. Including: – How to treat new or chronic health conditions like pain, anxiety, insomnia, and diabetes- How you can avoid annoying or potentially harmful side effects from pharmaceuticals or other treatments- What PEMFs do to enhance and accelerate recovery from surgery.Research shows PEMFs accelerate the healing of almost any cell, tissue, organ, or condition. Unlike much of modern medicine, which mostly focuses on symptom management, PEMF therapy improves your body’s basic functions, allowing it to both prevent and treat a wide range of health problems. With dozens of easily accessible and effective PEMF systems on the market, this is the next major leap forward in improving health to help you live long and live well.Power Tools for Health is the most comprehensive, objective, and authoritative book on PEMF therapy. Here you will learn: – how the technology works, including an overview of common terminology- what it does in the body, from circulation to stem cell stimulation and everything in between- what it can do to treat more than 50 specific health problems, each with clinical study resultsFDA-approved to treat conditions from bone healing to depression, PEMF therapy has been available to the medical community for years, though few doctors are familiar with the technology outside of MRI. Power Tools for Health fills this gap in knowledge by dissecting hundreds of double-blind studies and real-life case studies.Power Tools for Health has no focus or emphasis on any specific commercial device. Instead, Dr. Pawluk brings his extensive experience to report on many of the leading PEMF systems available today, including how to use them effectively, what to look for when you consider getting a system for yourself, and how to combine PEMF therapy with other health care tool

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