Human Mechanics: Unleashing the Potential of a Highly Advanced Species by Mads Tömörkènyi

Human Mechanics: Unleashing the Potential of a Highly Advanced Species

Book title : Human Mechanics: Unleashing the Potential of a Highly Advanced Species
By : Mads Tömörkènyi
Category : Books,Science, Nature & Maths,Biological Sciences
Wordcount : 194
Rating : 4.8
Publisher : DBC A/S (28 Jun. 2022)
Language : English
Paperback : 350 pages
isbn13 : 978-8797388709
Dimensions : 17.78 x 2.11 x 25.4 cm
Best seller rank : 22,104 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) 11 in Holism 25 in Anatomy (Books) 371 in Fitness & Exercise
Salesrank : 22104

HUMANS ARE LIVING LONGER THAN EVER BEFORE,BUT WE AREN’T HEALTHIER —Millions of people suffer from depression, sleep complications, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and physical impairment despite increased lifespans. While we live longer, we live with less well-being. A culture has been formed where more and more people consider medication the only way out.However, it is far from the only way out.Human Mechanics paints a clear picture of the astonishing innate capabilities of the human body and provides concrete alternatives to how you can fulfill your health and well-being without the use of prescription pills. These solutions can be found through what Mr. Tömörkènyi considers the four main pillars of health: nutrition, breathing, movement, and sleep; each pillar is examined in great detail.In this groundbreaking book, Mr. Tömörkènyi reveals the secrets of our ancestors and today’s indigenous tribes who, despite the absence of modern medicine and technology, are living healthy lives without any of the same diseases that afflict the Westernized world.With a blend of historical perspectives and scientific evidence, Human Mechanics provides more than 70 programs, self-help protocols, and exercises, so you can experience firsthand the incredible benefits of digging deep into your biological potential.

I have been waiting to read “Human Mechanics” since the day Mads told his Instagram followers that he was in the process of writing this master piece, and I was not disappointed! Read the book and follow his Instagram page

If you want to get the most out of youre human potential than this book is a gamechanger in all parts of youre life . Buy it, read it!

Very badly written and argumentation.

Mads is a specialist and I have been following him for quite some time now. I have bought both of his online courses and they have been nothing but great work. I was looking forward to this book for a long time and can’t wait to expand my knowledge and change my life. Thank you.

The book teaches what the school system and society have failed to teach for the past many years. considering the knowledge that Mads has collected and provided in the book, the price is a bargain. I highly recommend the book for anyone who wishes to improve their health and live their life to the fullest!

The book i’ve found the most valuable of all the books i’ve read, will certainly be a book that changes your peception of society and living.

A really nice book which gives you a great overview over health topics. Very interesting.

Mads is a meticulous researcher who challenges and questions the way, that the standardised norms that form our modern western world and society effects us humans; factors that deteriorate our well-being, but is still so widespread. It’s a critical POV on the current way of living – at least for most people – and a take on how to achieve the natural healthy body that us humans are so dependent upon. A must-read for the modern human, whose ancestral knowledge of the capabilities of the earth and our body has seem to be forgotten, but in which answers of thriving as a healthy species lies.

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