Happy Birthing Days: A midwife’s secret to a joyful, safe and happy birth by Jutta Wohlrab

Happy Birthing Days: A midwife's secret to a joyful, safe and happy birth

Book title : Happy Birthing Days: A midwife’s secret to a joyful, safe and happy birth
By : Jutta Wohlrab
Category : Books,Guidebooks,Health & Medicine
Wordcount : 218
Rating : 4.9
Publisher : Rethink Press (12 July 2016)
Language : English
Paperback : 196 pages
isbn13 : 978-1781332016
Dimensions : 13.97 x 1.14 x 21.59 cm
Best seller rank : 267,729 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) 332 in Pain & Treatments 753 in Pregnancy & Maternity (Books) 906 in Babies’ Development & Health (Books)
Salesrank : 267729

Pizza and parcels should be delivered but babies should be born. Happy Birthing Days is a 3-step method that has helped hundreds of women and couples to have more choice and a better birthing experience on their big day. Combining positive birth stories with practical tips for body and mind, this book provides a guide that enables all pregnant women to prepare themselves in a positive way. Jutta shares the best of her knowledge and experience from over 30 years of midwifery, and combines this with her deep knowledge of Nlp, hypnosis and yoga to: 1. give you more confidence in your body and your skills; 2. teach you Birth Breathing for deep relaxation and a better birth; 3. offer effective hands-on tips and tricks for birth partners; 4. create more choice for you, your partner and your baby; 5. enable you to release unwanted fears and doubts. Birth is a global matter and everyone deserves the best beginning in life. Let this book be your guide. Jutta Wohlrab is an enthusiastic and inspiring midwife, trainer and international speaker with over 30 years’ experience. She is based in Berlin and Australia and enjoys travelling and connecting with people all over the world. Her vision is that women all over the world can have joyful, safe and happy births.

This book is truly amazing!!! And I’m not ‘a soon to be mother’, I’m a midwife student, and I’ve learnt A LOT from this beautifully written book! I’ve learnt tips and tricks and techniques that I will take with me into my job of a midwife, to support every women out there and their partners, to find that confidence and to have a joyful, happy birth. Jutta explains what happens inside of the women’s body with many examples from her own experiences. She lets the reader really go into their mind and let’s them find that deep relaxation, and let’s them visualize how natural a birth really is! I’ve also become very good with all the breathing techniques and that really is a key at birth! For all pregnant women out there and their partners, this is a must have and it will really boost up your confidence and motivation for that very special day: the birth of your baby. Hope Jutta writes many more books, I’m really grateful for this one! Thank you.

In diesem sehr gut und einfach erklärtem Buch erfährt die werdende Mutter (und Vater!!) über die Vorgänge in ihrem Körper und den Umgang mit der eventuell aufkommenden “Angst” vor der Geburt. Jutta Wohlrab schafft es mit einfachen Mitteln eine Vorbereitung auf das Eltern werden die ich bisher nicht kannte. Die Übungen und Ratschläge können auch gut nach der Geburt angewendet werden, um einen bewussten Umgang mit den eigenen Hormonen und Gedanken zu verstehen. Eine positive Herangehensweise gepaart mit realen Erklärungen lassen schon beim lesen ein positiveres, gestärktes Selbstbewusstsein auslösen und bereiten einen wunderbar auf die bevorstehende spannende Zeit des Eltern werdens vor. Unbedingt zu empfehlen!

Contains not only lots of practical advices, but also points of view that help to manage the „stress“-situation of a new life arriving.Helps to attain a positive mindset and avoid panicking.(Keywords i.e. Neuro linguistic programming, managing expectations)The positivity and enthusiasm from the book is authentic. (We took part in a weekend course on Hypno-Birthing in preparation for the Big Day with the author.)The Author is very knowledgeable and passionate about her field and has decades of experience in it.

Happy birthing days is a very useful and complete book for a birth preparation. The book explains in very detail the biological process of the birth, giving you the confident that the body is prepared and knows how to give birth. In addition, provides a lot of tips and tricks how to help the body with breathing exercises, special movements and poses, foods, good habits during the pregnancy and so on. But, for me the most important part is that prepares you psychologically for the big day, how to face the birth, transforming all the fears into good and positive thoughts, to make the experience of the birth as one of the most wonderful thing that a woman can live. I strongly recommend the reading to every pregnant woman as well as for the birthing partners, since they also have an important role and also teaches you how to get the best of them. Simply a fantastic book.

I took Jutta’s online weekend crash course birthing class, as it was one of the few offered in Germany in English, within my time frame. My husband and I really benefited from taking it, as it taught us both how he can be a participant by helping me relax, do the breathing exercises and by giving me massages. I bought this book as it includes these techniques, and instructions. I can’t tell you how helpful it was to use the breathing techniques and massages during my labor. I had wanted an epidural, but the midwife advised me that would only prolong my labor, and she felt I was pretty close to having the baby. I used the breathing techniques, and they really helped get through the hardest moments! The husband also gave me massages in between contractions and during contractions, it helped ease my pain, and kept me focused on birthing the baby, not the pain. I highly recommend this book to anyone giving birth, as it helped me do what I thought was impossible, lol, without an epidural or any pain reliever! (Amazing, ha ha). I was really afraid of labor, and the whole process of birth, but her course, and this book, changed my view of that. If you can’t take her course, at least get this book, as it goes over a lot of material covered, and will help anyone giving birth.

This book gave me a perfect overview of all the infornation surrounding the topic birth. It combines knowledge about hormones with the physiological developement of the pregnancy and the birth itself with useful tips that everone can instantly apply to their own situation. As a midwifery student I was very lucky to work with Jutta, who in person as well as in this book is briliant in creating this beautiful image of giving birth. Reading Juttas view on how wonderful this experience can be for anyone together with her hypnosis exercises make these old negative pictures in our heads that have been created over the years rapidly disappear. Thank you, Jutta for this special time with you and all the knowledge you shared with me.

Ein tolles Buch, so positiv und voller praktischem Wissen! Sehr anschaulich geschrieben und einfach erklärt was genau im Körper während der Geburt passiert und wie Körper und Psyche zusammenarbeiten.Ich habe beim Lesen unglaublich viel gelernt und empfehle es allen werdenden Eltern, die sich voller Freude und Zuversicht auf die Geburt vorbereiten möchten. Besonders gefallen mir die vielen Geschichten und Erfahrungsberichte und vor allem die praktischen Übungen, die man am liebsten sofort selber ausprobieren möchte. Das Buch macht Mut, an die eigene Kraft zu glauben!Danke Jutta für dein inspirierendes Buch und all deine Weisheiten!!

The more you know about the birth process the less scared you are. I felt the book is soothing and informative.Incase you are attending a birth preparation classes from the writer most of the content is already covered.

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