Eat to Beat Disease: The Body’s Five Defence Systems and the Foods that Could Save Your Life by Dr William Li

Eat to Beat Disease: The Body’s Five Defence Systems and the Foods that Could Save Your Life

Book title : Eat to Beat Disease: The Body’s Five Defence Systems and the Foods that Could Save Your Life
By : Dr William Li
Category : Books,Guidebooks,Nutrition
Wordcount : 271
Rating : 4.6
Publisher : Vermilion (21 Mar. 2019)
Language : English
Paperback : 512 pages
isbn13 : 978-1785042157
Dimensions : 15.3 x 3.9 x 23.4 cm
Best seller rank : 18,636 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) 65 in General Knowledge Nutrition 334 in Fitness Training 454 in Diets & Special Nutritional Plans
Salesrank : 18636

Is your diet feeding or defeating disease?We are at a turning point in our understanding of how to prevent and fight disease. Rates of cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, obesity and other common health problems are skyrocketing. However, the latest scientific research and clinical evidence is revealing that the power to protect ourselves against these threats and resist them lies in a simple solution: the foods we eat everyday. In Eat to Beat Disease, Dr William Li explains that your body was designed to fight threats like these and we have radically underestimated how food can be used to amplify this hidden power. Your body has five natural defence systems that, if functioning well, can protect you: angiogenesis (growing new blood vessels), cell regeneration, the microbiome, DNA protection and immunity. The healthy working of each has been found to be intimately connected to the foods we eat – and the findings are sometimes surprising. Discover: · Why scientists think drinking hot cocoa boosts stem cells crucial for your body’s regeneration· The role of cheese and wine in maintaining healthy gut bacteria· Why drinking coffee lowers your risk of dyingRevealing more than 200 foods that you can incorporate into your life today to help you live longer, Dr William Li proposes a simple 5 x 5 x 5 framework, inviting you to choose five foods and eat them five times a day, to fortify your five defence systems. It is not about dieting or cutting out – it is about having the confidence to incorporate the healthy foods you already love into a plan for life-long change. It could save your life.

Guter (verkaufsfördernder) Buchtitel dessen Inhalt nicht halten kann, was der Titel erwarten lässt.Das Buch bringt im ersten Teil medizinisches Hintergrundwissen (Angiogenese, Immunologie, Krebsentsehung…), das ganz gut erklärt ist, aber einem konkret nicht hilft, Krankheiten zu bekämpfen.Der zweite Teil des Buches bringt dann Hinweise zur Ernährung, die einen eher verwirren als weiterzuhelfen.Die explizite Empfehlung Soja zu verzehren, finde ich nicht ungefährlich (Hinweise dazu gibt es genug in der Fach- und Laienliteratur…). Zur Empfehlung Rotwein zu trinken , muss man auch nichts mehr sagen….-überholt.Das sind nur 2 von vielen Beispielen, warum dieses Buch nicht empfehlenswert ist.

Absolutely groundbreaking!!!

William Li betrachtet Lebensmittel als Medizin und handelt auf Grundlage von wissenschaftlichen Ergebnissen hinsichtlich der Wirkstoffe von Nahrungsmittel für bestimmte Krankheiten. Für mich ist das Buch eines der komplextesten Bücher, welcher hinsichtlich des Aspekts “wir essen uns gesund und jung” und ich freue mich, dass es nun endlich auch in Deutsch erschienen ist, weil ich am liebsten vielen Menschen schenken würde. Nachdem William Li die gesamten wissenschaftlichen Grundlagen erklärt hat, gibt er noch Tips, wie man sein Essverhalten so anpassen kannst, um bereits einen minimalen Gewinn für die Gesundheit zu erzielen. Ich würde die theoretischen Ansätze am ehesten mit denen von Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Michalsen vergleichen.

I’ve bought this book over a year ago and love it! Full of scientific research explained in an as simple as possible way. At times it goes quite much in to detail and I’ve only read those parts that were important or interesting to me. Love especially the part about the Microbiome because it directly links to the disease I have, colitis ulcerosa. It most definitely helped me to understand the body better and also taught me how to make positive changes for me and my inflamed intestines. Now I’ve been off my medicine all together for a year or so and I don’t have stomach pain. Unbelievable. This book has helped a lot. It also motivated to research individual topics further by myself (such as microbiome, effects of fiber etc).

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